The final is on Tuesday, 6/14, at 10:00. You should prepare for the final exam by organizing your notes according to the review sheet and creating notes for any topics on which you are shaky. Review slides, which include lists of helpful papers are available on the Final Exam Review page.

for Wed. 6/8

China Unit Test- study! Study Guide:

Papers/files you should study:

China Map
China Geography Notes (below the map labeling list)
Bachground Notes on China
Video: China Under Mao
Cultural Revolution HW
China Under Deng Xiaoping Notes
Tank Man Video Notes
One Child Policy HW
Tibet HW
Two Perspective on Tibet- keynote slides on China page
China vs. US chart BRING THIS, you may use it on the test

for Mon 6/6

Fill in the chart of economic stats of China and the United States using CIA World Factbook:
Note, the CHINA TEST will be Wed. 6/8- Study Guide:

For Thurs 6/2

1. One Child Policy:

2. Tibet (links are on China page of you only need the links):

For Thurs. 5/26

1. Cultural Revolution questions:

Here are the links you need:

Part 1:

Part 2:

2. Finish labelling your China map if you did not finish in class. Maps to use are here.

for Tues. 5/24

Finish your Comic Life project. Details are here.

for Fri 5/20

Finish the Cold War packet- notes/summaries for 4 of the 6 big events. Info for the events is here. Here are the directions (they are also in the packet):

Directions: Using the links on the Cold War page of the wiki, read about 4 of the 6 major Cold War events/issues below (choose any 4). For each event/issue write a summary that is 4-7 sentences or bullets. Your summaries should address the basics of what happened and how it showed a conflict/tension between communism and the democratic west.

for Wed 5/18

Answer the questions on page 2 of the Cold War packet. This is the section titled:Soviet Expansion in Eastern Europe

for Mon 5/16

1. Finish your second blurb for the WW2 Project You must have both done because you will be putting your timeline together with your partner(s)

2. Bring your notes for an open-notes WW2 quiz. Here's what you'll want to have with you: Communism vs. Fascism Chart, Weimar Germany packet, Stalin Video Questions, Blue WW2 notes packet.

for Thursday 5/12

WW2 Timeline Project: Event blurb for one of your 2 events must be complete and printed.

The second one will be due Monday.

The details on events and suggested sources are here: WW2 Project

for Tues 5/10

No hw

for Fri 5/6

Current Events Quiz over CNN 5/4 and this presentation:

for Wed. 5/4

Complete Step 1 described on page 1 of the Weimar packet for HW. The information you need to fill in the chart can be found on the first 2 pages of this file:

for Monday 5/2

1. Finish your Rwanda summary (Option 1 or 2 or 3 from this page)

2. Be ready for a graded discussion on the Rwandan genocide which will focus on the movie questions for Hotel Rwanda (pink sheet) and what you watched or read about for HW.

for Thurs. 4/14

Finish the Rwandan Genocide questions. Here are the links you need:


Here are the questions if you want to type:

for Tuesday, 4/12:

UNIT TEST! Study Guide:

for Fri. 4/8

Do Part 4 and the 1918 map (on back) in the Peace Process packet.

Here is the link you need for part 4:

The maps you need are on the WWI page

for Wed. 4/6

No hw as long as you finished the notes on the US role. Here are the slides:

for Mon 4/4

1. Current events quiz- Jake's presentation & CNN 3/30

2.Fill in the Russian Revolution HW questions using this timeline:

Here are the questions if you want to type:

For Tues. 3/29

1. Finish the worksheet on the online Life in Trenches activity if you didn't finish in class. Link to activity:

2. Reading/Questions on the Armenian Genocide. Reading handed out in class. If you want to type the questions:

For Fri. 3/25

1. Current Events Quiz on Nick's AND Robi's AND CNN 3/23

2. Finish the worksheet for:

online simulation: Was Germany to Blame for WWI?:

For Wed. 3/23

WWI work- packet (House of Cards) and map!

For Mon 3/21

Bring your Imperialism Notes (pink notes sheet and Imperialism Background & Mapwork sheet) and HEADPHONES for an open-notes, open-voicethread test.

Livingstone & Stanley:


Suez Canal:

Cecil Rhodes:

British India:



Spanish-American War:

Panama Canal:


For Wed. 3/16

The script for your VoiceThread should be written (the WHOLE THING). You will be recording in class.

Be sure each part of your script explains the meaning/connection of the image. You can either work on all parts of the script together or divide up slides among the partners.

For Monday 3/14

1.Individual research notes for ALL 6 SOURCES due:


-2 books

-3 websites from the Imperialism page

2. Current Events Quiz: CNN 3/9 & Emanuel's presentation

For Thursday 3/10

Research notes for 2 more sources due- either 2 library book sources or one library book and one website from Imperialism page

For Tues 3/8

1. Individual Research Notes due for Britannica and one website from Imperialism page

2. OPTIONAL: Retake the Northern or Southern Africa quiz or take the Bonus Quiz on all countries.

For Thurs 3/3

1. Southern Africa Countries Quiz- links to review games are further down this page.

2. Fill in 1-5 (front page) of the pink Age of Imperialism Notes sheet you got in class using this slide show:

In Class Tues 3/1:

Here are the projects to look at to answer the test questions. They are posted here in the same order they appear on the test:
















for Thurs. 2/17

1. Current Events Quiz on CNN 2/16 and Sam's presentation

2. Your Africa country project will be due at the END of class on Thursday, so if you have not got a lot done yet, then WORK

for Tues 2/15

1. finish the Imperialism Background work (including shading the Africa map on the back)

2. Quiz on the countries of North Africa (see the North Africa list for the specific countries) Here are some suggested study methods:

a. I gave a practice quiz in class- use it (with the North Africa countries list) after you have studied.

b. Here is a drag and drop game to practice NOTE the way the countries are divided up in this game does not match our lists perfectly, so to be prepared for our North Africa Quiz you have to do the North and West games to be prepared, and for our Southern Africa Quiz you have to do the South and West games.

c. Here is another type of game- again the regions are not divided up the same way as our quizzes so you either need to do all the countries of Africa at once or practice with multiple regions:

For Thurs. 2/10

Finish the Egypt Protests work and the Africa Map labeling if you didn't finish in class Tuesday.

in class on Tues. 2/8

After the Current Events Quiz you should:

1. be working on the Egypt Protests stuff. The links you need are on the Egypt protests page here

2. Label the countries of modern Africa (map below to use) use the lists handed out in class as a guide for what to include. and to color code your labelling


for Tues 2/8

Current Events Quiz (Luca's presentation & CNN 2/2)

for Thurs. 2/3

Unit Test on Industrial Revolution. Study Guide:

for Tuesday 2/1

finish the Marx quote translations if you did not finish in class.

There will be a unit test on Thursday, 2/3- study guide above

for Fri. 1/28

1. Current Events Quiz (Danielle's & CNN 1/26)

2. Karl Marx Reading and questions. Hard copies available in class or:



for Wed. 1/26

Adam Smith reading and questions. Hard copies available in class, or:



for Mon 1/24

Current Events Quiz on Will's presentation & CNN from Wed/ 1/19

for Thurs. 1/20

Finish your child labor speech and biography. Here is the link:

for Tues. 1/18

Complete the 2 charts on the second page of the Industrial Revolution packet. Here is the link you need:

for Thurs. 1/13

Current Events Quiz on

Lindsay's presentation

CNN for 1/12

for Tues. 1/11

There will be an open-notes quiz on the Haitian Revolution in that last part of class- so bring all your notes/hw!

for Fri. 1/7

Be prepared for your role in the class discussion/simulation about the Haitian Revolution. If you are a "citizen" have your speech and questions ready. If you are in one of the options groups be prepared to speak in the presentation and answer questions- know your option well!

for Wed. 1/5

Study Guide- Part II on Haiti- reading and study guide are hard copies handed out in class

For Monday, 12/20

TEST! Study Guide:

for Thurs. 12/16

Current Events quiz: CNN 12/8 & Neil's presentation

for Tues. 12/14

French Revolution Reading Guide #2. The reading is a hard copy you got in class. Here is an electronic copy of the questions if you want to type them:

for Fri 12/10

French Revolution Reading Guide. The reading is a hard copy you got in class. Here is an electronic copy of the questions if you want to type them:

for Wed 12/8

1. Current Event's Quiz over Parker's Presentation & CNN from last Wed. 12/1

2. Finish worksheet for online French Revolution simulation. You need to do parts 1 and 2. Here is the link to the simulation:

for Mon 12/6

Three Estates chart:

for Thurs. 12/2

Enlightenment Political Philosophers HW.

Here is the reading you need for parts 2 & 3:

Here are the questions:

Happy Thanksgiving- NO HW!!!

For Tues.11/23 .

Study for Unit Test. Review Sheet:

For Fri. 11/19

Slavery HW:

Here is the link you need:

For Wed.. 11/17

Mercantilism Terms charts (handed out in class). Here are the readings you need to fill in the chart:

Terms Chart:

For Mon. 11/15

Current Events Quiz. Study:

-Kate's Presentation

-Cal's Presentation

-CNN 11/10

For Tues. 11/9

Columbus & Conquistadors HW:

Columbus Reading (needed for part 2):

Link needed for part 3:

For Fri. 11/5

Study for Afghanistan Quiz. You should study the following:

-Afghanistan/Pakistan Map

-Background: The War in Afghanistan

-Current Status of the War in Afghanistan

-Notes on the 60 minutes video- Goals/Challenges/Strategies Here is the link to the video:

For Mon. 11/1

1. Afghanistan Background:

Links needed for Background stuff:

2. Follow the directions on the Google Site to post a reflection about Friday's assembly on your page.

In class 10/28

You must complete this and drop-box it by the end of the period:

For Thurs. 10/28

1. Current Events Quiz (Brittany, CNN 10/27)

2. Afghanistan MAP

For Tues. 10/26

If you haven't finished the blue sheet for Devil Came on Horseback, finish it!

For Fri 10/22:

1. Current Events Quiz (Andrea & CNN 10/20)

2. Sudan Reading and Questions



For Wed. 10/20

Background on Darfur, Sudan:

Link needed:

For Mon 10/18

Be ready for the Open-Notes Iraq test- Bring all these key resources- and be sure they are complete and printed:

a. Map of Iraq

b. Sheet with key vocab. (matching) on one side and the Shia/Sunni/Kurd chart on other side

c. Regime Change in Iraq homework questions

d. Saddam's Reign of Terror Video Notes

e. Bush’s War Video questions

f. Impact of the Surge Chart

g. Notes on the 60 Minutes Clip (may be on back of your surge chart)

h. Iraq Lessons packet/notes

For Thurs. 10/14

Study for Current Events Quiz (CNN 10/13 & Tom's presentation)

For Tues. 10/12

Finish the Bush's War video work. Here is the website you need:

Here are the questions: external image msword.png [[file/view/BushsWar.doc|BushsWar.doc]]

For Thurs. 10/7

Study for current events quiz:

CNN 9/29

CNN 10/6

Ryan's presentation

Mark's presentation

For Tues. 10/5

1. Iraq Reading and Questions: external image msword.png [[file/view/IraqReadingQuestions.doc|IraqReadingQuestions.doc]]

2. Finish the PeaceMaker game work if you didn't in class:

For Wed. 9/29

Study for Israel/Palestine Test. Review Sheet:

Notes Chart for Presentations:




West Bank Settlements:

Gaza Blockade


Borders & Security:

for Mon 9/27

Finish your presentation if you haven't already!

Test on Israel/Palestine will be WEDNESDAY. Review sheet: external image msword.png [[file/view/Review2010.doc|Review2010.doc]]

for Thurs. 9/23

1. Current Events Quiz on Mike's presentation and CNN from Wed. 9/22

2. Finish step one (notes on your 3 sources) of the research assignment. Details here.

for Tues 9/21

No HW!

for Fri 9/17

1. Current Events Quiz: Study Nikki's presentation AND the CNN Student News broadcast for Wed (9/15)

2. Read your "character" sheet to be ready for the "interview"

for Wed. 9/15

Whose Jerusalem:

Note: the reading to go with this was handed out in class.

HW for Mon. 9/13

Study for a current events quiz. The quiz will cover Mrs. Ruthman's presentation and the CNN Student News broadcast from Tuesday 9/7. You can find Mrs. Ruthman's presentation on your class Current Events page (at left). You can get to CNN Student News from the link on the left. To get to Tuesday's show, go to shows archive which looks like this:


2. If you didn't finish the video write up explained below, finish it!

In class 9/9:

Watch this video about how the health and economic status of countries has changed over the last 200 years.

In a Pages file:

1. identify 5 insights into global development over the past 200 years. These could be examples of how the world has changed/not changed, how specific countries or regions changed/didn't change, why certain changes occurred, etc.

2. Identify what the video says the probable impact of our current economic downturn will be.

3. Write one question this video made you wonder about.

You will be posting your work online next class.

For Thurs. 9/9

For Tues 9/7

Cartoon Analysis:

For Thurs. 9/2

Read the Thomas Friedman article "Globalization: The Challenge to America" and complete the outline.

Link to article:

Outline file:
external image msword.png
external image msword.png