Working as a group, go to your assigned website. As you examine the website (read, explore links, etc.) answer the following questions. Post your responses to the questions on one group members page on this GoogleSite. All group members should also be prepared to discuss your answers with classmates.

Title Your post Darfur Website Evaluation and put all group member's first names at the top of the post.

  • What is the name of the organization whose website you are looking at? Find an “About Us” page or “Mission” page and write a short summary of the overall purpose/goal of this group?

  • Does the website have background information about Sudan and the Darfur crisis? What types of sources (for example maps, images, videos, speeches) are included?

  • How does this website refer to the events in Darfur? Is the violence called genocide or something else?

  • What kinds of work does this organization do- How do they raise awareness? How do they try to create change? What kinds of aid do they provide? Use specific examples.

  • What is the most powerful idea or piece of information you found on the website? Why?

Awareness/Action Group Sites:

Save Darfur:
American Jewish World Service:
Not On Our Watch:
Amnesty International- Eyes on Darfur:

Aid Organization Sites:

Doctors Without Borders: